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Have you heard about inversion therapy? This is a great solution for back pain and other related problems. There are so many models that are on the market and you may be confused and frustrated when trying to an inversion table.

Fortunately, we have put our heads together and realized that only reviews may not be adequate for most users. As such, we came up with this buyer guide so as to make the process of understanding and buying an inversion table much easier for you.

Different Types of Inversion Tables

Before getting into the details on how to buy an inversion table, we need to understand some basics, like the types of tables on the market. There are 3 main types of inversion tables, namely:

  • Fixed 

These were the very initial models of tables and are usually large. They are stationary and may be hard to move around. When you need an table for back pain, this may be a good option as it comes with great padding on the back rest and has great support systems. While they may be fixed, they come with a number of inversion angles and are known to be quite durable due to the solid construction that they have.

  • Portable 

There are so many brands that have come into the market and most of them make the portable inversion tables. There is a very high possibility that when you ask most people about this table, you will end up with a portable one. These are highly rated due to their portable nature. They have a compact design and will fold down easily when you need to store them.

  • Infrared 

The 3rd type of inversion tables is the infrared models. These are similar to the other models, with the only difference being that they come with some heating elements integrated into the back rest padding. This will provide heat therapy, which is quite effective for sore muscles. This type makes the best inversion therapy table and is quite effective.

Do Inversion Tables Really Work for Back Pain? 

Just like any other product, there are questions about the effectiveness and if it actually works. The inversion tables are not an exception and while others may be looking to learn how to buy the best inversion table, there are some who are not sure on how these inversion tables work. As a matter of fact, there are some skeptical if it can really work for back pain.

In simple terms, they work for back pain and will have a whole range of benefits that you can enjoy. When you get a table for back pain, you will be glad that you took that path. Experts claim that inversion tables record a success rate of over 75%.  Back pain has been rated as one of the main causes of disability and as such, inversion therapy should not be taken lightly.

As long as you understand how inversion therapy works, you can rest assured that the inversion table will work. However, there should be some caution observed before using the table for back pain. Talk to a medical expert so that they can evaluate your condition since some back problems can only be solved using medical procedures and as such, inversion therapy may not be the right option for such cases. 

Features Should Be Consider Buying an Inversion Table 

So what is the top inversion table on the market? In order to answer this question effectively, there are a number of features that you should consider when shopping for an inversion table.

  • Inversion Angles and Control:

One of the critical aspects when you looking for how to buy an inversion table is the inversion therapy. As such, you need to check the inversion angles and establish if they can be controlled. While any best rated inversion table will give you this feature, it is important to confirm if it is available. A good inversion table is one that will allow you to adjust the inversion angles to suit your needs in the best way possible.

  • Construction of the Frame:

The best table is one that will last for a very long time, making it a worthwhile investment. When shopping for the ideal inversion table, you need to pay attention to the quality of the frame. You need to bear in mind that your entire body weight will rest on this table, in an invert position. As such, ensure that you have a model that will not cave in due to weight pressure.

Steel frames are the best and also ensure that they come with floor stabilizers so that you can be sure that it does not skid during use. While tables that have larger frames may not be portable, they are considered to be far much safer than the portable models. Be sure to pick the inversion therapy table that supports your weight effectively.

  • Size and Design:

As indicated earlier, the fixed inversion tables are more stable and durable, but they are quite huge. It is important to consider the size and design of the inversion table before purchasing it. If you have limitations in terms of space, you may have to settle for the portable models. These are usually smaller in space and have collapsible designs that will make it easier to fold them down and store them. Some of the fixed models may also have the option of being folded down, which can be ideal. Over and above, you need to ensure that the table is stable and durable.

  • Comfort Levels:

Anytime that you are searching for an inversion table, you may not be keen on the comfort that it offers. However, when you are in an inverted position, you will appreciate great comfort. If the table is not comfortable, there is a very high possibility that you will not use it. As such, you should check the padding, and the ankle holders to ensure that they are adequate. If you can find the table with additional support for lower back and the lumbar region, then, that would be a top-notch inversion therapy table.

  • Safety Features:

When going through inversion table reviews, look at the safety features that each model has to offer. As long as your safety is not compromised, then you will have a great time during the inversion therapy. Some of the features to look out for include ankle locks, vinyl cover, floor stabilizers and a quality frame among others. 

What’re The Benefits of Using Inversion Table At Home? 

When you have established how to buy the best inversion table, you will be in a better place to make an informed decision. There are some who ask, “What are the top inversion table on the market?” While this is a good consideration, you would be more impressed to learn the numerous benefits you can reap from using the top inversion therapy table. Here are some of the key benefits:

  • Back Pain Relief: An inversion table for back pain will give you a great relief for your back aches. You do not need to search for complex solutions to back pains when you can easily get as much from them. A good number of users have commended inverted table to eliminating their back pains.
  • Better Posture: Most people tend to start bending when they grow older and this is as a result of their posture being affected. In order to improve your posture, you need to make use of inversion therapy. This is another great benefit of  this type of tables.
  • Relieved Muscles: All the organs in your body rely on the functioning of muscles, in one way or another. Age is one of the greatest inhibitors for proper functions of the muscles. However, the top rated inversion table will help relax and revitalize your muscles.
  • Blood Circulation: Continuous use of inversion tables will make your blood circulatory organs work as required. As you use the inversion table, the heart and the brain will work simultaneously to improve blood circulation.
  • Keeping Spinal Discs Healthy: The spinal cord is made up of a number of discs that are connected and ensure the proper functioning of the spine. However, these discs are prone to injuries and damages as you grow older. With an inversion table, you should be able to prevent such a disaster from happening.

How to Properly Set Up an Inversion Table?

It would be futile for you to learn how to buy the best inversion table and not know how to set it up. When you learn the proper way to set up the inversion table, it becomes quite easy for you to make use of it. Each model comes with an instruction’s manual, which you can rely on to set up your inversion table. Before using an inversion table, it is important to consult your doctor.

As far as setting up the top inversion table goes, there are 3 main steps to bear in mind:

  • Weight Setting:

Did you know that inversion therapy table will support your entire weight? As such, it is important to start by setting up the weight bar on your inversion table. All you need to do is to clip the weight bar to the frame of the inversion table and ensure that it is well fitted such that it will give you the support that you will needs.

  • Height Setting:

Just like the weight bar, there is a height bar that you will use to define the height that you want. When measuring your height, you should remove your shoes so that you can record the actual height. However, when you are setting up the height, you should give an allowance of 1 inch on an inversion table.

  • Ankle Setting:

To get proper balance when you are inverted, you would need to have great support. As such, the ankle setting is a very critical setting on your inversion table. You should ensure that the ankle holders are comfortable and safe to support your entire body in the best way possible.

When you have the best one and follow this guide to set it up, you will be able to enjoy inversion therapy and this leads to a very healthy lifestyle. Always refers to the owner’s manual when you are not sure about the setup.

Most Trusted Brands of Inversion Tables

Are you among the millions of people who ask, “What are the top inversion table on the market?” Well, the best way to answer this is by looking at the top rated brands in this category. This is an essential part of this guide on how to buy your inversion table. There are 3 brands of inversion tables that are quite popular among users, namely:

  • Teeter
  • Ironman
  • Innova Health and Fitness


If you are looking for FDA-cleared inversion tables, then this is the brand to go for. There are so many users who have ranked this as one of the best options when you need to find the top inversion tables. The brand has been making quality health and fitness equipment for almost 3 decades. This is a brand that will never disappoint as far as quality and functionality go. Read Here Teeter Inversion Table ultimate Reviews Guide.


The second brand that you can bank on to get an inversion table for the money is Ironman. This is known to make strong and durable inversion tables that have all the necessary features to facilitate inversion therapy. Most people assume that Ironman inversion tables are complex, but when you understand how all the features work, you will be glad to own one. Check Here Ironman Gravity 4000 Inversion Table Reviews And Buying Guide.

Innova Health and Fitness:

With a wide range of fitness equipment, the inversion tables by Innova are also incredible. This is one brand that has mastered the art of balancing health and fitness in all the products that they make. You will hardly come across inversion table reviews that do not highlight Innova among the top rated models that you can find on the market.

Inversion Tables FAQ

Q: For how long can I stay inverted?

A: There is no specified rule or time frame in the time that you can stay in the inverted position. However, your body should be abler to send signals, when it cannot stay inverted anymore. For beginners, you should only attempt a maximum of two minute sessions, which you can gradually increase as you master inversion therapy.

Q: How can I use the inversion table safely?

A: Before using the table for back pain, we highly recommend that you consult your doctor. You should disclose all your medical history so as to ensure that it is safe to use inversion therapy.

Q: What angle should I invert to get maximum benefits?

A: In order to make the most of the best rated table, you should start gently, at 20 degrees and keep increasing the angle. However, even when you become an expert, most people never go beyond 60 degrees. If you are a professional athlete, you can use 90 degree inversions so as to make the sessions more comprehensive. Only stick to the recommended inversion angles so as not to expose your spine to more damage.

Q: Is inversion therapy safe for me?

A: While most experts recommend that inversion table for back pain can be used by anyone, it is advisable to consult a physical therapist. As a matter of fact, you should never engage in a new exercise without consulting an expert. There are some people with serious medical issues that may inhibit the proper use of inversion tables. Short inversions of 20 to 30 degrees seem to work for most people and offer great relief. If you are pregnant, you should refrain from inversion exercises. 

Final Recommendation 

There are so many inversion tables and you may end up being confused on the model to choose for. However, you can now rely on this comprehensive guide to learn how to buy the inversion table. As long as you can find the ideal model, there are tons of benefits that you will enjoy. We have also provided a simple guide on how to set up inversion therapy table for maximum benefits. If you have found this guide useful and informative, please leave a comment also share with your friends and family.

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