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Elliptical Trainer

When you look at your body and see how much workout you need, getting on Amazon and looking for an exercise device is always a choice. You may not pick anything, but if you do – make sure it is an elliptical machine.

The best elliptical trainer can transform your body completely. And if you need a cardio machine at home, one of these is perfect nonetheless.

Picking the right one, on the other hand, can be a headache. This kind of equipment varies so much and comes in so many different models that picking the right one is a total adventure.

But as we want to help you start shedding your body, here we have the best advice you can follow to make the right purchase when it comes to elliptical machines.

Key Features To Consider When Buying the Best Elliptical Machine

Now, as you already know, this will be a buying guide type thing to help purchase the right elliptical device. And, the steps you have to follow is, in fact, to engrave these factors in mind while looking for your catch.

Elliptical Types

You are looking for an elliptical that not only fits your needs depending on how active you are but one that meets your body requirements and your desired results too.

Here are a few we recommend entirely;


These models are the most common ones. You won’t have to make much of an effort while exercising yet it can make your body burn fat and tone up muscles effectively.

Of course, many of these come with a wide variety of modes that may test your body strength and resistance.

Some styles allow you to work your upper or lower body only while still burning some fat. Then, others even provide entire programs that combine cardio, strength and several changes in direction and pace for a highly interactive exercise with fantastic results.


A recumbent elliptical is the most comfortable home-equipment for exercise you can get. It’s like a cycling machine, but with the movement of the elliptical.

This model is a perfect choice for anyone who wants to get the benefits of the standing version but being more comfortable while doing it.

The comfort comes from the back seat, and the position it leaves the user. This allows for hard-exertion movements that can focus on the legs and arms more effectively while still giving a push into the cardiovascular activity.

But of course, the maximum level won’t be as hard as a standing or any other model. It is mostly recommended for old people and those who suffer from back pain and the like.


The whole name of this type is because the movement is not up and down but vertical, following a similar motion but from one side to another.

It is incredibly useful nonetheless and focuses on different muscles than a regular elliptical.

You would be increasing your thigh work exponentially, your cardio would also improve, and overall body toning will get more effective.

The thing that makes it stand out from the crowd is that this model allows more glutes work as well, especially to the sides which many people like to focus on.


Incline elliptical sounds like it is harder than the others. No doubt, it entirely is. This model is the most effective for runners and athletes who want to improve their legwork and overall cardio efficiency.

But that does not mean you will only have an inclining machine; you will also have many levels (in most models) and several resistance modes for a different result.

You will be focusing on your glutes, calves, and shin muscle more than other models with it.





Drive Designs

Drive refers to the type of mechanism the machine uses. The mechanism can be at the front, at the center or even at the back. All of them have different features and drawbacks to offer, and of course, they work differently.

Front: The front-drive design is the most basic of all of them. It consists of wheel housing at the front attached to the steps and the handles, creating the resistance accordingly.

This mechanism is often very noisy and vibrates like hell. Yet, it is the most cost-effective, especially for complex elliptical types.

Center: These designs have the mechanism at the sides of the pedals. It is very similar to a treadmill in how it works, however, the performance is not as manageable or configurable.

Center drive designs often make the machines smaller and offer little to no vibration or noise. But they can be moderately expensive.

Rear: When using a rear-drive design, you won’t feel any vibration or hear a sound at all. The pedals are often more inclined in these models than the center or front ones.

And of course, they offer as many configurations as a front-drive elliptical, but not as many resistance levels.


Size & Convenience

Getting an elliptical machine seems to be a great choice for a home or apartment, but herein, you must be careful before choosing.

These machines can be really large and take a lot of space. Not only in width or length but also on height, they can be enormous.

You must make sure not only that you have the right size for your home, but also that it fits entirely well to allow any person to use it comfortably.

Elliptical machines are not small. They can take up quite a more space than you think, so it is critical to ensure your home can handle the one you’re buying.

Some are between 4 and 7 feet in height and can be as wide as 3 inches. In length, they can go up to 6 feet in the larger models.

But it’s important to consider the type of elliptical you choose, as lateral ones may take even more space on the sides than other models. And the inclining ones may go even further up than standard ones as well.

We recommend choosing wisely regarding size. Take the measurements heavily into consideration. You must use it in a room where you have at least 30 inches free on every side so you can use it comfortably and effectively.

If you want really small one you can try – Stamina In-Motion ,Cubii Under Desk Elliptical etc.


You may think that having the right measures and type for your desired results and performance is enough – but they’re not. Ergonomics and comfort while using are essential as well.

Remember that not all elliptical devices are the same, so you will have to make sure that the reach to the handles and the height of the pedals are perfect for your body.

Your hands should be completely comfortable as well, and your legs shouldn’t touch any part of the machine while pedaling.

Consider everything from the size to the design of the handles and how they fit your grip. Also, contemplate how your legs and arms move in it.

Your legs shouldn’t be placed too far from each other either, even in lateral models. And of course, the movement should be completely smooth according to your height and weight as well.

If it vibrates too much or becomes uncomfortable to use for you, better see another model instead.

Resistance Levels

Here is where the most experienced fitness people should focus on, as well as those who want to reach high levels of intensity while doing elliptical.

All models have different levels of resistance, and each setting will provide an incremental change from the lowest to the highest.

Usually, an elliptical comes with at least three levels of resistance for different results. However, we recommend having at least four levels or an incremental method in numbers from 1 to 100 for even better personalization to your workout.

The inclination level of the product may also change how the intensity varies. So if you choose something with four levels and inclination, very likely the easiest one can be made a little harder if you use inclination and so on.

Technological Features

The tech add-ons on an elliptical can be incredibly helpful, especially for those who love more convenience.

You can find from USB ports to connect your cell-phone or any music-related device, up to wireless connectivity for internet connection and many other features.

All of this is added to make your experience better entirely, not only more convenient but more entertaining and even useful in the long run.

Features like web-tracking can add your daily progress to a cloud; others may come with real-life stats, browsers, social apps, and even video and audio to see, images, and more.

They are not the most straightforward or useful features to use but can make your experience highly satisfying.

Programs & Modes

The modes, programs, and overall workout levels may add a little or a lot to your experience. This way you won’t have to stick to the same level of resistance and pedaling method.

Instead, you will be able to enjoy a varied working out session.

These methods may vary in specific muscles to focus, type of resistance levels, scaling, downscaling, and even incline or flat methods.

All of them may change your results entirely and will undoubtedly improve how it feels to work out.

Common programs to consider are Hill Climb, Long Distances, Slow-hard Climb, Fast Climb, Intervals, Cardio, Random, Manual, and so on.

Some elliptical machines even offer personalized methods. These names will undoubtedly vary according to the mode you use.

Additional Features to Consider

Other features could change your experience entirely as well. Here are a few of them you need to consider;

Stride Length

The stride is the movement you do with your arms and legs at the same time. And the length, of course, is how much space you cover with each stride.

Most machines offer between 14 and 18 inches, but you can find some that go up to 21. This stride, however, should be adjustable for superior convenience and versatility.


As soon as you get on your elliptical, you should be able to smooth at any resistance level without stops or vibration. The device should move smoothly, so your workout is continuous and does its work more effectively.


Some elliptical types can be loud. In a small apartment or for someone who lives with other people, this sound can be annoying and inconvenient.

Make sure you choose a device that makes less noise, such as a rear-back model.


Resistance levels, inclination, pace, stride, etc. All these factors and others are beneficial.

Adjusting them can fix how much you get from your workout and how comfortable and fast your exercise becomes.

Price Point

If you sought for an elliptical that provides everything from smooth movement to high-quality tech features, you should go for the pricier options.

The most expensive can go from $500 up to $1200 or even a little more. These will come with everything you need for an entertaining, convenient and results-oriented experience, the most expensive the better.

Typically, expensive options are more tech-driven and even come with an engine for more effective resistance-levels options, inclination, and more.

But if you can’t afford an expensive device, you can instead choose a more generous model from around $100 up to $400.

These models are mostly purely mechanical and don’t offer many resistance levels or adjustability such as inclination, modes, and so on. But they are much more space-efficient and maintenance-free than expensive models.

Brands Choice

There are several brands out there you can pick, and all of them will provide a different set of results.


This is maybe the most famous among elliptical machines. It offers mid and high range options, from around $500 up to the most expensive that can touch the $1500 line even. Highly reliable and maybe the most sold around the world.


Almost all the best elliptical trainer options in the market are from Nautilus. The same reason is not the same as for Schwinn, but because they offer the best price-quality relation out there. They are extremely reliable, durable, and even affordable at mid-range prices.


Here you will find the best elliptical under 500 without a doubt. A manufacturer that makes the most cost-efficient models in the market.

All the models are advantageous and reliable, but the best about them is that most of them even come with high-quality tech features for a fantastic cost.

Conclusion – Choose the Best Elliptical Machine Wisely!

Now that you know everything you needed about elliptical machines, it’s time to make your pick.

We understand how significant it is to have the right exercise equipment at home that fits your needs and desires, so we hugely recommend following this guide.

Remember, it’s all about what price you can afford, and choose one that comes with as many positive features as possible. But again, it has to fit your needs as well.

So don’t hesitate and pick the best elliptical trainer now! The right choice is waiting, so you can start shedding those extra pounds for once!

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