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We are now open to guest posts on topics relevant to our site. If you’re considering writing a great article about health and fitness, we’d love to work with you to publish a high quality article on our site.

Article Requirements :

  • We prefer articles to be at least 1000 words or more and no more than 1000 words. Extending an article’s length artificially is obvious to the reader, and more likely to be declined.
  • Only informational articles that contribute to readers will be evaluated for posting.Personal experience or story type articles are very welcome. Posts must be non-promotional (Not filled with links). A Guest Post should never read like an advertisement. If the post has affiliate links or is a blatant sales pitch, it will be rejected. Repetitive submissions of spammy articles will result in prohibition for further submissions. You should not write articles around topics to justify a link to your blog and you should not actively encourage visitors to visit your blog. Promotional content, which advertises for-profit services (including gambling sites) or indecorously plugs the author’s own written work will not be approved.
  • No defamatory, racist, deliberately provocative or offensive writings are allowed. Foul language in stories is also prohibited. We reserve the right to reject stories that meet any of the definitions provided in this paragraph.
  • No duplicate content is allowed. The article must be unique and not published elsewhere before. We analyze all submissions with plagiarism software.We reserve the right to make changes where appropriate. When you submit an article, and if it is approved for publishing, we will notify you.
  • Please use upper and lower case letters correctly in the Article Title and Article Text. Pay attention to punctuation and grammar rules.
  • You have to submit images for feature and for body text  to go with your story. Original images are preferred. If you submit a copyrighted image, remember to refer to the original publisher, or make sure it is allowed for commercial use. Image size should be low but have good quality.
  • Please contact us if you find something wrong with your article, and it needs editing after publishing.
  • Posts must be factually correct and referenced .We will do basic fact checking, but we expect you to do the same. Where necessary, references and resources should be linked to. Again, this should not be used a self promotion tool.
  • Fitnessarium covers the below topics for guest writing.
  1. Health
  2. Wellness
  3. Fitness

You are allowed to post ONE dofollow link to your website  in the article body.

We do invest time and effort into editing and managing blog posts. Because of this, we are obliged to ask for a small fee ($20 do-follow link)  to cover our editing and administration costs.

If you have any queries and want to submit guest post, please feel free to contact us .

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